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The Colour Mistake
Valhalla of the North, A&C's final year, November
Artemis burst through the door to Cassandra's dorm room as fierce as the winter winds roaring outside the little window. Her blond hair made a perfect show of the gorgon blood that slithered through her family tree and clearly manifested itself in both her and her mother when they were infuriated. Cassandra had made the mistake of pointing out their resemblance to each other to her friend in the past, before she knew just how little Artemis thought of her mother Mistress Diana Winter, and had paid the price through the following years. The Winters might be related by blood but Cassandra was trying to the best of her abilities to create a new family for her friend; one that offered more than a pretty facade behind which was only indifference and misery. 'The Blood of the Covenant is stronger than the Water of the Womb' is what they had promised each other and so they were sisters of a different kind. In either case, knockin
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Fem!Merry :iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 2 6
I have only once in my lifetime intentionally hurt someone physically. Today I hardly even remember why we fought, just that we did. What I do remember is that it ended with him wrestling me to the hard tile floor and hitting me over the head so hard my head was ringing.
  His name was Marko. And I was eight years old. We were never caught and we never spoke of it again. Mostly because he was too embarrassed to be in a fight with an outcast girl like me and I was too embarrassed to have lost to a boy one year my junior.
But why am I telling you this?
  Well, when the X gene became common knowledge nine years ago some Western countries were quick to respond to the rising panic from their peoples by establishing a grading system upon which every citizen should be graded, active X gene or not. It was spoken of in matters of international security. My government quickly followed suit and rushed the decision through to introduce the grading system to me and my peers.
The problem a
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TARDIS shoe :iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 2 2
Until Summer Comes
(An Artemis & Cassandra story - the Harry Potterverse.)
(Continuation of "Summers")
  ”Hang on, I’m going to do what now?” Cassandra enquired loudly with eyes round as the cauldrons standing in front of her on the workbench. For a while there she’d been convinced that the fumes from whatever her blonde friend was cooking in those cauldrons might have messed up her head a bit. The blond, Artemis, had posed the initial question more as a fact than an actual question and hadn’t felt guilty about it until now that she’d been found out. She fidgeted with her goggles and tried to save the situation.
“Obviously, it’s your choice but…”
“No wait, so by ‘you will be seeing it for yourself this summer’ you actually meant that you’ll be dragging me with you to see these fabulous nut-jobs you complain about to me all the time?” While Cassandra would trust Artemis with her life
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The Herbology 'A'
(An Artemis story - The Harry Potterverse.)
The mental punch hit Artemis like a hammer and she flinched away as best she could. The pain concentrated to the front of her brain made flickering white lights appear in front of her eyes and her knees wobble. She tried to lean as discreetly against the wall as to not let her mother notice this moment of weakness.  She stayed on her feet for now.
…enfant insolent! ‘Ow dare you do this to me?” her mother spat accusingly from between thin lips at her from the other side of the hallway. “’Ow dare you come ‘ome to show me this?” Artemis’ mother was holding the letter with the Valhalla emblem that Artemis had given her during the ride home from the train station. The results of this year’s efforts at the magical educational establishment had apparently not been completely to the mother’s taste.
Mère, s’il vous plait
:iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 5 11
An Artemis&Draco story - the Potterverse.
     Artemis doubted her ability to stall their departure for much longer. She'd done everything in her power to try and forget and leave things behind that she couldn't possibly spend the next following weeks abroad without. At first, it had been her handbag shortly followed by her hat. After that she'd hid the carefully wrapped gift that her mother had arranged for her to give to the Malfoys as a thank you for having her over. Of course it was a little too obvious what she was doing after that but she just didn't want to meet those horrible Malfoys again. The last time had been pure torture, and that had only been over tea. Not to mention that pale impertinent brat she was going to be forced to spend time with. Three whole weeks for Merlin's sake! Never in her life had she looked forward to anything less than this.
  As expected, her mother caught on to her and rewarded her with a mental slap via Legilimency
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Blessed morning at Domus Draconum
(A Cassandra (and Sethos) story – the Potter-verse.)
The soft but heavy fogs of sleep lifted slowly from Cassandra's brain. At first, she wasn't entirely sure what had disturbed her slumber but then she blinked a few more times and realized it was morning and the sun was shining through the high windows. The sun had risen once again over the House of Dragons. With all the spells on the windows to protect those within from the sunlight it was a miracle that any light came through at all. Groggily, with her chestnut-coloured hair in a tousle she took a look around. It wasn't a very big room that Sethos had arranged for her but it had all of the things she valued in life, including bookshelves spacious enough for her many favourites and a big fluffy bed. Smiling sleepily she snuggled her pillow and corrected herself. Lucas was the one with the urge to redecorate all rooms according to the personality of the inhabitant.
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Fandom Shoes of DOOM :iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 19 8 Cas - OC Character Meme :iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 12 8
First Time in Tinker's Alley
A Cassandra (and Sethos) story – the Potter-verse.
A Day at the End of July, Tinker's Alley, Visby, Sweden.
   Although Cassandra wished intensely for three more pairs of eyes stuck to her skull she had no immediate way of achieving that as of now. Instead she tried to use the single pair she was equipped with as extensively as she possibly could. While turning and twisting herself in all directions Sethos laughed each time he glanced at her. It was a bit like watching a puppy chasing its own tail.
   So this was the place they called Tinker's Alley. Witches and wizards were milling about on all sides in robes of all types and colours. Everywhere she turned she found new odd-looking boutiques, quirky shops and anything else a vivid sense of imagination could ever conjure up into a single hidden away town inside a town. Sethos had made a halt just in front of her which caused her to absentmindedly walk straight into his back and re
:iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 4 4
Mature content
Family Permit Denied :iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 5 9
Poison my dear.
An Artemis&Cassandra story - the Potter-verse.
Her eyes flared open again. It was cold. It wasn't so much the idea of dying that chilled her but the fact that she had no notion of how long she'd been bleeding out on the tough ground. She stared up into the sky and deeper still into that infinite arena of icy blue. Even the air felt frozen and flowed in short painful pangs down into her lungs and puffed out like smoke from between her bluish lips. She could feel blood trickle down her bare neck from the wounds in her chest where the curses had hit her. To think that this was where she'd finally meet her end. Her forehead creased, not so much from the pain she's already gotten used to but from the gathering of strength it took to concentrate her mind on remembering. How long had it been since she'd felt this cold?
   An image of bright yellow summer suddenly flashed before her eyes. But it couldn't be – it was in the middle of winter and well below freez
:iconsofiathehutt:SofiatheHutt 6 11


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So yeah, I'm Sofia. Or Lady Hutt if you prefer.
When I'm not a cynical misanthrope I'm a merry and proud geeky nerd known to use run-on sentences. I'm a Potterhead, Ringer, Marvelite and Elementapeep - among others. I also like travelling, body-mods and changing my hair.
People, be excellent to each other. Brighten someone's day.
(Picture in link not entirely safe for work. Beware. I guess.)
I was going crazy for some new skin doodles (it's been over a year since finishing the last one) so when I got my stubby lil' hands on some money I used it for a new tattoo. Thanks Mum! :wave: revamp 

You'll find the artist here: :iconfukari:. I like it when :dalogo: hands me my next tattoo artist. Too bad so many great tattoo artists have studios in other countries than Sweden. Oh well.
  • Listening to: scifi classics
  • Watching: rewatching old tv favourites
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